Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 14: "Lying Thief: Idiot-Type"

Toku Prime

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"These are even worse than the cones the vet put on us!"

This week: Potential new team leaders, a serious yet unspecified illness, Japanese banks have surprisingly light security, a villain with a color timer(?), the lure of money, and using cars as bullets.


Not the first time they show a bank having such a light security. Heck it's not just in Japan.

- If they become team leader, who are they going to lead? The rest of Jag'd's players? Would they even agree to that? :sweat:

- Finally, Naria actually doing something besides just watching

- Three minutes timer.......on the chest.......that blinks red when it runs out? :laugh:

- lol even during the supposedly serious flashback they slipped in a joke.

- Honestly after all that show of remarkable stupidity, I'm surprised Naria bothered to Continue him.

- The mecha fight is once again boring, they just form the mecha, gets hit, then go straight for the finisher. Guess we won't see any more mecha action until Zyuoh TheWorld's mecha shows up.

Dr Kain

I hated this episode. "We have the cure to stop your sister from dying, but we aren't going to share if you can't pay for it."