Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 04: "Roar in the Ring!"

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Presenting the latest movie from The Asylum: Mega Shark vs Rasta Lion!

This week: Uncle Mario continues to piss away his dignity, we discover how Rita ended up in that dumpster to begin with, Sela is not impressed by traditional attitudes, and gay panic.


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[ ] MoTW has some cool powers, or better yet uses them in a great way.

[ ] I really really don't think Yama's uncle is worth keeping the secret from. He doesn't seem diabolical enough to exploit or dismiss them. I see it is for comedic purposes, but I don't think it merits the laughs either.

[ ] Sera may very rapidly may have taken a place in my heart, BUT only if she continued to be written well and not forgotten. I loved her disdain for Leo from beginning to end AND the problem was unresolved which is great, as long as they truly to touch upon the subject later in the future.

[ ] The little DBZ Zyuman tourney back in Zyuland was cool. For one, I did not expect a flash back to their homeland; and the fight choreo was nice and energetic.

[ ] Sera wants to fight, because she is pissed off in more ways than one and wants to outlet her anger through a transformed fight. Oh yea..that's nice.

[ ] Leo and Sera make a good tag team, their fights were nice together and individually.

[ ] I really like how distinctive the voices are for the Deathgalions. Also really like the little push and 'screw you' from Kubaru to Azarudo as he laughs at his failure. Very nice, subtle, jerks-being-jerks to other jerks but are still friends sorta, moment.

[ ] If you weren't sure this Gorilla wearing clothes was a Zyuman, here's a cube tea pot and cup so you know. :laugh:

[ ] Gorilla mode next week. :disappoin All I can say is yikes for most of it. Those hands are terrible.

[ ] Side note, if Amu does all this shopping only to put put a jacket over her existing zyuclothes at most. I will be disappointed. This goes for all of them. I think what would help to care for the characters more is to eventually see them get so comfy with our world that they adopt our styles, that way if/when they go home it would only make the situation that much sadder. I know it's too early now, just thinking ahead.
This was a weird episode, still good tho.
1. First off, I don't know/remember any other sentai with this premise/problem where Leo can't hit a woman and Sela's mad because she feels like he doesn't take her seriously because of that. Second is the fact that they didn't resolve it this episode, Leo didn't a learn and Sela is still frustrated. It's this weird bag where Leo is being sexist but he is stronger than Sela. On the plus, they didn't portray her as weak in the slightest as she was able to make to the finals of the Zyuland Marital Arts Tournament. It kinda reminds of Shinken Red and Green's rivalry in a way.
2. When was the last time sentai made a gay joke? I was not expecting that.
3. I really hope the writers keep this up because I have never liked an entire team as fast as this in years. Although, Tusk and Amu may be the weakest actors out of the team.
4. I didn't get to mention it before but I kinda like the premise of the villains where they have to entertain the Big Bad. It allows the MOTW without me wondering "why he just doesn't go down and destroy them already before they get any stronger?" Additionally, it's two teams competing with one other to entertain him which provides a nice dynamic.


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3. I really hope the writers keep this up because I have never liked an entire team as fast as this in years. Although, Tusk and Amu may be the weakest actors out of the team.
Really? I think the material actor is given is weak, but I think she does her best with what she's got. Tusk, I wholeheartedly concur.
I think Amu's actress is definitely better than Tusk's, but there has been certain line deliveries and moments that felt odd to me. It could just be the material she was given or the actress still getting use to the character... She's not bad, there's just hiccups.


Well everything I could say has already been said, almost. Lol at Amu just casually asking Tusk to smell Sela's socks like that... and Tusk too shy to do it.

I really REALLY hope they touch up on Sela and Leo's issues and don't sweep them under the rug, I think it would be a cool thing to see.


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Personally, I can't tell who's acting well or not without looking at what the script/director/producer/etc. are asking them to do.

And my goodness, this episode Leo went from my favorite to my least. I don't know who's my favorite right now, maybe the Eagle Zyuman.


Toei getting Naoto Takenaka to be seemingly nothing but silly in Ghost finally makes some sense now, and now we have Susumu Terajima still acting a fool on Zyuohger.

Regardless, it's just the fourth episode, so still a lot of time for Toei to show us how they're getting these veteran actors to do these strange roles. Is this some sort of new strategy they're playing? Kind of odd. It's not like these guys are all washed up, they still can get really good roles (even if supporting) in movies and drama if they wanted to.


- I wonder why the drum has a "return to normal" button lol. But at least we (and them) can ignore that problem now.

- Honestly if I were Tusk I would've sniff Sela's instead :laugh:

- Speaking of nose, I'm not sure if elephant is known for being able to sniff smell like dogs xD

- By now I'm sure the theme for the MOTW is just weapon. First we have cannon, then spear, then bowgun, and now axe.

- I like how the Zyuoh Slash finisher forms a set of fangs this time.

- .....that bazooka can also act like a vacuum cleaner? :laugh:

- Since their rivalry isn't sorted out yet, I just hope they sort it out later on and it isn't just forgotten.......


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Speaking of the barrel button, I can't tell what is more disturbing.

A] If the button plot is brought up later to save the day, but still be jarred by the fact of there being a button at all


B] What we got, where the button is there, used, and never brought up again.

That button man, brought the realist awkwardness for no reason. lol

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One thing I wonder is if the people on set ever have problems with the fake tails and fins falling off during filming. I'm impressed Sera's rear end stayed on through all that banging.

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