[SELLING] CycloneExtreme533 sale thread


Time for the countdown.
I got a few things here I need to sell to help with financial trouble. I am only selling within the US and I take paypal only. I can hold things but only for a day. I am up for offers but please be reasonable.

Legend Rider Series Ryuki Belt: Electronics Work. Complete with Extra Cards 53 Shipped

Bandai Asia Dekamaster License: Really was trying to avoid selling this one but bills really have added up so it needs to go. (Electronics are good and the flaps work perfectly. Shadowranger Sticker has been placed on by previous owner and it does come with the belt clip) 50 Shipped SOLD
Also box for the prism bicker has been added.

Power Rangers Transmorpher working electronics and has original strap 30 shipped.
DX Japanese Shurikenball: Electronics work and complete with box and Belt Strap 30 shipped SOLD

DX Japanese Gosei Great Box Only: Offer

Generations Deluxe Junkheap (mint and only displayed) $13 shipped
Kamen Rider Double DX Prism Bicker (Japanese Version) Unfortunately I need to let this go since I really need the funds now. One small scuff in the paint but isn't that bad. Complete with Prism Memory. 60 Shipped Without box, 70 with box

Ninja Frog Zord: Loose Joints and some paint scuffs: $8 shipped SOLD
DX Green Rescue Zord: No stickers loose joints and messed up wheel (one wheel doesn't turn really well): Offer
DX Mystic Force Garuda wing: Offer SOLD
MMPR 2k10 Multipack: 18 shipped obo
Box Isnt in the best condition but is complete 22 Shipped with Box SOLD

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