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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is an Anime spin-off of the controversial video game, Cyberpunk 2077. Rather than adapting the events from the game, This Anime is an in-universe spin-off. Before the controversies of releasing a buggy game, There was so much hype for the game because of the trailer innovation, and Keanu Reeves was a cast member. It sold around 18 million copies in its first 15 months.
So, the financial success is enough justification for making this Anime. Since the player customizes the game’s main character specifically for them, the plot is not adaptable. They choose a new story set in the same universe as a replacement.
The one that shares the universe with this Anime is also known for nudity. I mean, you can even customize your character’s genital size and appearance. So it won’t be a shocker if you will see sex and nudity in the trailer. Do not watch at work and in the presence of...

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The T post bug from the game really makes me laugh because people had high expectations. I hope this Anime can help them redeem themselves and help the sales of the game.


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Even though I am not a fan of the game, I am curious in it because Studio Trigger is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious anime in the world.


I believe I just saw a sexual act shown in this teaser. This is in no way appropriate for children. Having played the game on which it is based, I am not surprised. Players have the choice of choosing whether their character will have a sausage or a clam for their appendage in this game. There is even a choice for the size. LOL I will watch this while I am alone in my room with my phone. No way I will watch this with the family tv.

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Finally a Hispanic lead in an Anime. Latin America is one of the biggest Anime market yet we barely got representation. This looks OUTSTANDING. The huge amount of support and attention shown by the animation crew, I hope everyone else who contributed to the project, will be ultimately successful. This appears to be an actual anime of a very high standard.


Oh my God, this appears to be amazing! The animation style employed by Studio Trigger is one of a kind and really stunning. They are skilled at writing comedic, action-packed tales that are full of unexpected twists and turns and have characters that are easy to connect with. I'm game for anything, including this!


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People have been claiming that the story of the game is very good, but the gameplay is the one that is lacking because to the amount of problems, and this pretty much addresses it. This can actually give the cyberpunk franchise a good rep, because according to what they had been saying, the story is extremely good. Oh my goodness, I sincerely pray that this turns out to be an entertaining.


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This is one of the rare case where the Adaptation looks better than the source material.


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Wow this looks better than the buggy game they released and almost lost them money, Hope this Anime can help them redeem themselves.