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Anyone heard about this series? It also has some comics writen/drawn, not just animated videos. They have a lot of fun stuff on their Youtube chanel if you want to check it out. Here's one of their videos:


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I actually didn't know that they had Youtube videos! I've been a fan of them on Facebook for awhile now, but I can't read too many of their strips, or else I feel like my IQ has gone down a few points. For me though, they're great if I'm in the mood for a quick laugh. They're definitely not the most sophisticated humor, but they make me laugh.
I didn't know about the Youtube videos either! I've just been reading their comic strips with my friends all through high school. I had so many good laughs with them. For a while every time finals were around the corner, I'd just be on their website procrastinating and posting the pictures on my friends Facebook wall. Good times!

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