Custom Made Astro Switches

Here are some Astro Switches that I made with some spare switches I had. The Gate Switch, SOLU Switch, and the Shin-Chan Switch. The pegs on the bottom are the same as the original ones, Magic Hand, Launcher, and Ni-Gou(which I thought was a bit funny as the new versions of Ichi-Gou and Ni-Gou are called "Shin Ichi-Gou/Ni-Gou").


Also, some original Switches that I made, a Kamen Rider Wizard Switch that has the same pegs as the Magic Hand Switch(lol), and a Switch that was an idea of a friend of mine, known on youtube as NathanGraves989, one of the hosts of the podcast "The Tokusatsu Corner", the Bear Switch, which has the same pegs as the Aero Switch because that's the closest sounding switch to it.


What do you think of them?
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RiderFan18, those are awesome custom switches.

I'd planned to make my own custom SOLU and Gate switches once I had gotten some Fourze toys.
I actually didn't consider selling my customizations, but if anyone interested can provide the switch, I might be able to make more of them. I'll think about it.