[GAME] Cthulhutech: Who Wants to Live Forever?

May 16, 2006
This was it, the real thing, just a little longer now. Will was actually a little anxious as he paced around the C-10 Griffin's cargo bay where the mecha were being stored until they reached the drop zone. Will had seen plenty of simulated combat but this would be the first time he would be in real combat against the migou, and chances are the others in his squad were in the same boat. A couple of other humans and a really pissed off looking Nazzadi, none of which he had met before today. All things considered this was a pretty hastily assembled group, something that seemed to e true of the other squads as well. It made him wonder just what kind of situation they were flying in to, while at the same time making him little excited as well. He was anxious yes, but his chance to actually pilot a mech into battle was something he had been waiting for. He could almost imagine his "debut battle", awesome with plenty of kills and for some reason a kick ass theme song in the background to make the moment even more awesome.

He looked up at one of the Broadsword mecha that were in the cargo bay, from the looks of things the Broadsword was the only model aboard the transport, a good middle of the road pretty good at everything type of mech, something that further drove home the point that this transport was full of newbies.

He made his way to one particular group of broadswords, four of them with their right shoulders painted red. His pilot suit sported a red patch on his right shoulder as well, thus making him pretty sure that he would be in the cockpits of these four.

"Just a little longer...." he muttered to himself

((Alright were officially at the very beginning "Do whatever" phase. Currently all the character's are on a transort taking them to the combat zone.))
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Nov 15, 2012
James like anyone on the transport have no real combat experience. "So this transport taking us to real combat. However this is the perfect chance to prove I am the best." James thinking to keep himself from doing nothing. He then notice a person was looking at him. A human male in his 20s wearing the same military uniform. Looks like he, another human, and a Nazzadi are in the squad that I am in. He believes there is another time, for the squad to talk with each other. As getting ready for the upcoming battle is much more important.

As such he head towards to see which of the mech class has been put on the transport. It seems the only mech class that, is here are the sword class Broadsword mecha. Looks like they made the right choice of only having the Broadsword on the transport. As most of the mecha pilot here are new recruits.

At that moment he saw some one from his squad head towards the group of Broadsword that stands out with their red right shoulders. "Looks like he can't wait to get into battle. I also can't wait for the battle to start, as this one battle will prove that I am the best." He thought to himself.
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Nov 3, 2013
John leaned against the wall of the transport while checking out the others around. So these are the people I will be fighting alongside and maybe dieing with. Interesting He thought to himself. He looked up at the Broadswords and said "Oh this is going to be fun".

John noticed one of the members of the squad he is in walk over to the Broadswords and mumbled "Maybe I should go introduce myself, will be fighting with him soon and damn i wish I had a drink right now." "Well might as well" he said a little louder before he started walking towards the man.
Feb 16, 2006
The fourth member of this fledgling squad was not excitedly psyching himself up, nor was he repeating a mantra to reinforce his self-worth or contemplating making friends. It might be more accurate to assume he was thinking of nothing at all. Kyra sat cross-legged off to one side, his eyes closed, face expressionless, hands resting upon his knees in a posture of calm meditation. He had done all the wondering and worrying already, and it had not helped him at all. He was still in this situation no matter what was going through his mind, about to go into battle against the deadliest enemies man— or Nazzadi-kind had ever known. He was entirely focussed on his mission, which meant he no longer had to give much thought to it. He just needed to wait until he was sitting in the cockpit and staring through his gun-sights at some alien abomination. Anything after that was just one more part of the job.