[SELLING] CSM W Belt, SH Figuarts and more!


Hi there, HJU people!
Just looking to sell some stuff if people are interested in it and I thought I'd post it here to the cool people before going else where with it. So here is the list of stuff I am looking to sell;

Kamen Rider ZO - $35
Kuuga (1.0) - $20
Shining Agito - $30
Decade - $30
Godzilla 2014: $50

Complete Selection Modification Kamen Rider W Driver + 6 memories: $250

Candy toy Gaim Locks (lose): 6 each or 20 for all 4.
Black RX
W Extreme
Cherry Energy

Shipping would not be included in the price, I am shipping from Ontario Canada if that is any help to you.

Please email me at waynenorrisV2@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions.

Thanks, again!

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