Crunchyroll to stream Ultraman Max!

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Crunchyroll have just announced (here) that on this coming Tuesday they will begin streaming Ultraman Max in the United States, Canada, Latin America, UK, Australia, and New Zealand!




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max isn't my favorite ultra series, but i hope this is a sign we will be getting more tokusatsu over in international countries.

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Wow, maybe they will start streaming Kamen Rider and Sentai next.
IIRC in one episode of the old Girls in Trouble podcast, Lynxara recounted the tale of an acquaintance of hers who works for Crunchyroll and did suggest Kamen Rider to their show-buying people. They thought it was a great idea and contacted Toei about licensing the then-current series. The sticking point was the amount Toei wanted to sell the rights for. It wasn't a batshit insane figure, but the amount they wanted for Rider was at the level Crunchyroll typically only pays for a guaranteed mega-hit anime. While Rider is an extremely profitable show in Japan, the series would have needed to get massive viewing figures on the Crunchyroll site, or else they would have lost money on the deal. In the end they just weren't convinced that Rider could do it.

TLDR Crunchyroll probably didn't pay a massive licensing fee for Max. On the up side, AFAIK Chaiyo have never tried to make any claims on Max, so it seems likely that this is a Western Ultra release that's putting money in Tsuburaya's bank account for a change.
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Maybe Hulu would be willing to dish out that kind of money. I mean they actually paid for the Gaiking remake and flippin' God Mars of all things.


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^I might put my money on Funimation. They already own Tiga, unless the rights expired, and with GARO animated licensed, I could see them handling it to test the waters for GARO, the original series.

Or Viz, since they're owned by WB, which has distributed their Ultra films in Japan.


I recall the group that put up Tiga episodes for download mentioning that Funimation's license expired already. Which is probably why the sets seem to be out-of-print.

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*Rushes home from work, jumps onto Crunchyroll, goes to the Max page...*
Hmm so am I just too early, or is this going to be for signed-up members only?
*Debates whether to blow free trial just to see if Max is there or not*


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Episodes 1-8 available for all users, the rest are for premium members and will be made available for everyone else at a later date.

Strangely they don't have episode 40, but that was a series recap episode, so I think that's understandable.
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No one? As far as I know, only streaming rights have been acquired stateside. Have you heard differently?

Well what I don't understand is why fansubbers are not going to do the show if you can't legally purchase it. How do I own a show that is being streamed?
on the one hand, I"m glad that this site has the series fully subbed for people to watch, and on the other hand, I'm annoyed that this series is only being streamed and not available to actually own on DVD. that goes double for what they are currently doing with Ultraman Leo, I've been waiting for that series to come out for ages, and now its here, but again, only streaming.

I'm like a large contingent of Region 1 toku fans who will gladly purchase the DVDs if they were available to be purchased.

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