Crunchyroll App Launches On Prime Video

Nov 30, 2022
<p>There’s one more place to find the Crunchyroll app as of today. The country’s largest anime distributor announced a deal today with Amazon that makes its streaming app accessible through Prime Video, in addition to the platforms it’s already on.</p>
New Member
Sep 24, 2023
Hey, I've got a question about this. Is this Crunchyroll on Prime Video thing only available in the United States? I've had a somewhat negative experience with Crunchyroll in the past. A lot of the anime titles that actually made me subscribe to the service were not available in my country. I joined Crunchyroll specifically to watch "Chainsaw Man," but guess what? It's not in my country's library. I felt like I wasted money on that subscription.

Amazon Prime does have its anime library, but it's kinda small compared to what I've seen on Netflix. Netflix seems more worth it to me because they have a much larger anime library and even produce their own originals. The only downside with Netflix is the lack of dubs for third-party anime. So, for me, Crunchyroll isn't really my cup of tea. Small library, not worth the money. But if this Prime Video thing changes things, I'm curious to know if it's international.