Crunchyroll Announces Blu-Ray Releases For February 2023

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Crunchyroll has a busy holiday season ahead, but they’re already thinking further. They just announced their plans for three months from now, next Valentine’s.
There’s nothing really huge here. The biggest release of the month is a limited box set release for the first season of Horimiya, a romantic comedy about two polar opposites who meet and fall in love. The release will include several art cards, a 72-page art book, and a collector’s enamel pin. Special features on the disc itself will include a voice actor panel, textless opening and ending song title sequences, promo videos, and more. It looks like this:

Horimiya – Limited Box Set Exclusives

Slipcase Frame

7 Art Cards Featuring Magazine Art & Special Illustrations

72-Page Art Book

1.5’’ Cake Enamel Pin


Horimiya – Limited Box Set Special Features

Horimiya: Voice Actor Panel

Web Previews

Promo Videos


Textless Opening...

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I wear a scary mask
The comedy animation World Witches Take Off is enjoyable. Each episode lasts around 15 minutes, making it my go-to anime when I don't have much time.
You guys should certainly give Horomiya a try. It's one of my favorite undervalued anime of all time and the very first anime to fall into the "love for romance" category. It is incredibly romantic and something that women would adore.
I want to save you guys some money. All episode of Horomiya are uploaded legally on Youtube. Rather than waste your money with Crunchy roll, Just search for The museasia Youtube channels that legally uploads anime for free.


I love this and by looking at the content and the animation you just can't miss this and now I am desperately waiting for Feb-2023.

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