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New York Comic-Con is next month, and anime behemoth Crunchyroll revealed just what they have planned for that event.
The most anticipated anime of the fall is Chainsaw Man, and only attendees of the Chainsaw Man Dub Cast Panel will be able to see an advance screening of the first episode. This will be the dub version, and it will be at a time when the sub version of Episode 1 isn’t even out. Four US voice actors will be in attendance along with moderator Mike McFarland.
A panel for One Piece Red, the next One Piece movie, will be held on October 8, featuring the executive producer and director along with much of the English voice cast: Colleen Clinkenbeard, Christopher R. Sabat, Luci Christian, Sonny Strait, and Ian Sinclair. Moderating will be Kyle Cardine. And the My Hero Academia panel will feature Justin Briner, the English voice of Deku — and no one knows what else, because they’re still pulling this one together.
Look for two Crunchyroll booths on the show floor: one that...

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I regret my subscription of Crunchy Roll, they have all these anime titles on their ads, Only for me to find out they are not available on my region. Their library is quiet small.