Crunchyroll’s Full May Schedule Of Acquirements

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Jun 20, 2012
The takeover of the Funimation library was not instantaneous. Due to contractual complications, not everything that’s on the Funimation app can cross over to the Crunchyroll app right away, and that’s the main reason why the Funi app is still a thing. They’re getting there, though.
This month’s Crunchyroll release schedule heralds the arrival of many shows that were once Funi exclusives. Classics like Trigun and Initial D, cult faves like Space Dandy and Black Lagoon, and assorted other things like RE-MAIL and Link Click will be appearing on the menu over the next four weeks.
The latter seasons of Fairy Tail are also debuting their dubs on Crunchyroll along with two seasons of ISEKAI QUARTET. The full schedule lies below…
Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle (Project No.9)
The war between the Kingdoms of Light and Dark has raged on since time began. But the new Prince of Darkness is destined to change that.
Kemono Michi: Rise Up (ENGI)
3,2,1…RUMBLE! Pro wrestler Genzo is tasked...

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