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Those craving new anime will have plenty of it this fall, as Crunchyroll has made perfectly clear with the release of their autumn schedule.
The biggest, loudest and most anticipated shows of the fall include the debut of Chainsaw Man on October 11, and the return of My Hero Academia and Spy x Family on October 1. MHA is back for its sixth season, while Spy x Family is broadcasting the second half of its first. Chainsaw Man is brand new, but is based on a hit manga and has been anticipated for years. One other popular returning series is the third season of Mob Psycho 100 on October 5. Maybe they’ll finally start running that series on Toonami again (and maybe not).
Other shows include the latest Mobile Suit Gundam series The Witch from Mercury, the soccer anime BLUELOCK, and an anime based on Legend of Mana. And for those with a certain rare and acquired taste, season 2 of Pop Team Epic will be available October 1.
Crunchyroll’s full 2022 list of premieres lies below.

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