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Make your tabletop gaming sessions a bit more magical by adding a special ingredient: Die of Newt! Hollow-form dice are becoming popular items in the RPG collecting scene, and our old friends at Mythroll Armory have responded with a take of their own. A scaly one!
Each of these handcrafted, limited-edition dice has a tiny newt crawling on all 20 sides. Intricately designed by a 3D modeler, each side is different and all dice are painted by hand. The tropically-themed dice come in nine tropical colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, teal, green, pink, copper or black) and all types (D20, D12, D10, D8, D6 and D4).
“Working through sketches and partnering with a talented 3D modeler we were able to design each die in the series,” says Mythroll. “We tested with various sizes and coated them in different pigments until we found a set of beautiful, eye-catching colors that reflect the beauty found in the wild.”
The crowdfunding campaign for Die of Newt is now live. Pledging to get the dice is...
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