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<p>“The CSAT is designed to test a candidate’s ability to study in college, with questions based on Korea’s high-school curriculum. It standardizes high-school education and provides accurate, objective data for university admission.” (Source)</p>


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As someone who loves Korean dramas, I was excited to watch Crash Course in Romance on Netflix. I found the romantic comedy to be engaging and entertaining, especially as it was blended with a murder mystery. However, the series also touches on the serious issue of how the CSAT exams can influence the lives of students in South Korea. The show portrays how the "Skymoms" can be ruthless in their efforts to ensure their children pass the CSAT exams, which determines their future and which universities they can attend.

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If you enjoy romance, comedy, and a bit of mystery, I highly recommend you watch this K-drama. However, if you are looking for a math lesson, the scenes where Choi Chi-yeol solves complex mathematical equations may go over your head. One thing I enjoyed about the series was learning about banchan, Korean side dishes that accompany meals. I was inspired to try making them myself and found that they added a delightful and flavorful touch to my meals.


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Choi Chi-yeol, played by Jung Kyung-ho, is the star math teacher at The Pride, a prestigious academy in Seoul. He runs an elite training class for top students, and his students adore him. However, he only knows how to love himself. That all changes when he meets Nam Haeng-seon, played by Jeon Do-yeon, the mom of his best math pupil and the owner of the "Nation's Best Banchan."


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You guys have no idea, How obsessed I am about this show. The television series, "Crash Course in Romance," effectively portrays the "best friend to lovers" trope, culminating in a satisfying and joyful conclusion. The characters' close friendship is a notable highlight of the show, particularly evident in scenes set in the park where they exchange heartfelt embraces and discuss their respective families. Of all the show's moments, my favorite is when Hae-e responds to Seon-jae's confession with a kiss, which is both endearing and charming. Having completed the final episode, I strongly recommend this series to others.


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You guys, I love this show so much I forgot get to attend my grandma's birthday. I feel bad for her so I had a restaurant date with her the day after. She still hates me for it especially when she finds out I missed her Birthday because I got addicted to a drama.


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Oh my goodness, I am head over heels in love with this drama and the incredible star teacher! The chemistry between the two leads is simply undeniable - it's off the charts, I swear! And let's not forget about Jung Kyun Ho, who I've always adored. The storyline is a fun and charming romantic comedy that's been an absolute joy to watch. I especially appreciate the fact that there's an age gap between the two main actors, but their on-screen connection is still so captivating. It is the woman who is older making it more awesome!

It's refreshing to see a romcom that isn't solely focused on characters in their 20s or 30s. This drama is truly a breath of fresh air and brings a sense of comfort to my heart. I'm eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes and can't wait to see where the story goes next! If anyone needs a sign to watch this drama, consider this it - it's an absolute must-see!
I am thoroughly impressed with this delightful television program. From the very first episode, I found myself completely engrossed and unable to look away. Despite not being particularly familiar with either of the lead actors, I was pleasantly surprised by their performances. In fact, I had only seen one series featuring the male lead prior to this, but his work has certainly piqued my interest. There is a certain magnetism to his presence on screen that is truly captivating. Additionally, while the female lead may not fit the traditional mold of a "super attractive" actress, her charm and charisma are simply irresistible. Overall, I find myself unexpectedly drawn to both the male and female leads, and eagerly await future episodes. This show is definitely a must-watch for anyone looking for a delightful and engaging television experience.


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I didn't have high expectations for this drama since the plot is straightforward, but it turned out to be really good. The fact that it's simple is what makes it amazing, and it kept me interested from beginning to end. It's a refreshing change with great humor, romance, and a relatable storyline about everyday struggles. It's been a while since I've seen a kdrama that's both simple and addictive.

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