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Don’t look now, but Kickstarter has been invaded by Cranky Chinchillas. And you really don’t want to deal with chinchillas when they’re cranky!
It’s a new tabletop card game introduced by a Canadian indie studio. In Cranky Chinchillas the nasty Chin Empire has decided to invade and conquer the community of Sleepy Town…which woulf seem simple on the surface, but they’re good at defending themselves despite how comatose they look. To play, you and your friends separate into four factions: the Chin Empire, the Sleepy Town inhabitants, the Forest Spirit and the Deceiver.
Each team is dealt a party of heroes to fight with. Use their unique powers strategically to gain the upper hand in the Chinchilla war. The heroes also represent your life points…lose them all and you are defeated. Action Cards allow you to attack, defend, or perform special actions. Each Faction has a win condition: for the Chins and the Sleepies it’s simple, eliminate all members of the other team. For the Forest...
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