Cram: Study Like Your Life Depends On It


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Movie trailer gives me PTSD, I totally relate to the feeling of cramming during college. I remember pulling all-nighters just to study for exams and trying to retain all that information in such a short period of time. It was a tough time but I'm glad I made it through. The pressure to get good grades can be overwhelming


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I managed to graduate from college while doing very little studying. I think there's more to life than just doing well in school and making others like you. However, I am able to comprehend why certain pupils experience academic pressure.


"I can understand the pressure from parents to excel in school. My parents were also very strict when it comes to academics and I used to cram a lot because of that. It was a tough experience but I learned to manage my time better and find a balance between studying and taking care of my mental health."


I'm open to watching low budget films, but right now I just want to rest. The concept of "Cram" sounds great, but I think I'll have to wait until I have more energy to fully enjoy it. Sometimes the best stories come from the most unexpected places, but right now I just need a break.


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I'm considering watching "Cram." The concept of the movie, with a student trying to finish a final paper overnight at the library, is relatable. It takes me back to my college days and the pressure to perform well academically.
I appreciate the idea of showing how intense the cramming culture can be and the struggles students face. The horror aspect adds an exciting twist to the story. I'm curious to see how the director, Abie Sidell, showcases this theme in a full feature film.


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The concept of "Cram" seems like a cool idea for a movie. I mean, who hasn't experienced the pressure of needing to perform well in school? The idea of a student trying to finish a final paper overnight at the library, only to face some sort of horror, adds an exciting twist to the story.


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You know guys, it's not just about having a good concept, it's also about executing it well. The director, Abie Sidell, has experience in making music videos and short films, but this is his first full feature film. I'm curious to see how he handles the transition and if he can successfully bring the concept to life.

I think the success of this film will depend on how well the director handles the balance between the academic pressure and the horror elements. If they can pull it off, I think "Cram" has the potential to be a really cool film. Fingers crossed!


I was never a Crammer but the thing is the majority are crammers these days as they don't think about learning the main motive behind education. And certainly, I am interested in this Cram movie.

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I have a feeling he will be in some kind of deathgame with other students. People who wont master what they are reviewing will die.

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