Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Jun 20, 2010
I guess we don't have one of these to discuss/ vent about what is happening, so I figured I may as well.

I live in Appalachian Ohio, which is basically the whole Southeastern crescent of the state & is almost thought of as an entirely different place than the rest of Ohio by Ohioans who aren't from here. It goes from NE Ohio, near Cleveland, all the way down the Ohio River to Cincinnati. You may as well annex us to West Virginia-- honestly, we had a huge influx of people from there looking for work when we were still the steel & rubber capitol of the world 50 years ago, & now the population is about half & half. Plus, people are starting to abandon the region with increasing regularity, just like what had already been with WV & Appalachian Kentucky.

I am a mix of Native American, Jewish & other assorted white guy, with the Native blood being the largest portion. My mother was adopted by a white family & I was raised as if entirely white, & Christian. I never liked being that & thought of myself as Athiest since I was a teenager, but everyone else in the entire rest of my family is Christian & maybe half of them are conservative.

So, this is what we've got going on here:
--We've reopened, but most places are not forcing anyone but their employees to wear masks. Maybe only 1/3 of people actually do. Most of those who do are black & most who don't are white.
--As far as I can tell the reasoning, the conclservatives here do not think the illness is fake. They do believe that numbers are being fudged by hospitals, but they generally understand that there is a potentially deadly illness. They do not think anyone had the right to tell them they couldn't attend church, but I don't know of anyone in particular that attempted to fight it & they were fine with the alternatives that were set up during the pandemic. As to catching the illness, they've pretty much just accepted it as inevitable & have no real desire to attempt to protect themselves, & just figure whatever happens will happen & they wouldn't have been able to avoid it anyway, if they had tried.
--Although we've had some upsetting issues here & there, they are also supporting the black lives protests, but not attending. There was a wierd thing earlier where people were concerned that a local conservative militia we're going to show up to a protest armed, but the leader called into the news & said that his people only wanted to provide armed security in case of looting & he supported the peoples' right to protest, whether he agreed with it or not.

Generally speaking, my immediate family is fine. Everyone on the Native American side has a rare genetic mutation dating back to the plagues in Europe that stops us from being able to be properly infected by viruses, albeit that only accounts for the safety of 6 of us out of 20 or so. My one brother's skill set was deemed essential, so he never lost his job. My other brother did, but is working again. I never had one in the first place & our mother & uncle are both on disability for physical & mental imparements each.

You can't really control what people think or do. Yes, most of my one brother's family are Trump supporters. I don't always agree with everything they say/do, but I really have no ability to argue with any of them. I lost that ability when I developed OCD 14 years ago. Now, when faced with an important discussion, even if there's no real chance of danger or escalation, I think it activates some sort of low-level fight-or-flight response & I become so hyper focused on the first thing I wanted to say that I have no idea how to continue the conversation beyond that first statement, & have zero capacity to think on my feet or respond to new information that I wasn't expecting & I've just had to learn to stay out of things as much as humanly possible, if only to stop whatever side I support from looking idiotic.

I have had to explain so far, when I asked where the "war on Christmas" thing came from & was told that Obama had directly stated on camera that no one was allowed to speak of Christmas ever again l, that this never happened. Interestingly, a lot of them are now clearly convinced that Trump is an idiot & an asshole, just like everyone else, but still support him for whatever reason. I guess they're fully convinced that everyone else in every level of government & from every party is just as self-serving, greedy & immoral, so they just don't care anymore, but I don't get, then, why they still adamantly & blindly support the Republican Party or Trump if they really think that.

I don't know. How are things so far where you guys are?
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May 12, 2009
Okay, while I' currently aware of my mod status at the moment I feel compelled to say that while Keith was cool with poloitcal discussions as long as it was kept civil we atr part of a larger community now. And I don"t think it's been said what their policies on the subjext are. So let's keep politic discussion to a minimum.

As far as CONVID goes, I have to question how some people are handling it. For example I work at a gtocery store and being considered a essential business we"ve been open the entire time. And of course there is "testing" before we can clock in. Said test being a person stationed by the time clock. No big deal right? Just get your tempature taken. Well no not exactly. The person job was to point to a sign listing the various sptoms and ask if you had any of them then sign your name on this paper. I quickly came to call it the "being lied to position" because how is the person suppose to prove oyherwise. Granted that was then now the person isn"t even there just the paper. So yeah.


Where I live it's alright. For the most part people are listening and doing their part in stopping the spread. Where I work, we have to sign a disclaimer every time with go into the office, that do not have any of the symptoms. It just sounds like a pathetic way from my company to protect themselves from lawsuits, in case anybody got infected at work.
Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Jun 20, 2010
So let's keep politic discussion to a minimum.

Will do.

Well, for us, Ohio has just created a new system for monitoring spread of COVID by county. Yellow is good, then there is orange, res and purple is the worst. Most of the state is doing fine, but my county is one of only seven that are in the red zone. The only one approaching purple, last I knew, was whichever county the state capitol was in. They mark it with a purple star if you are closing in to the purple zone.

And the way companies are checking for COVID has me a little worried. I have no car and must walk everywhere. The extreme Summers and Winters are killing me. I'm worried I'll come in sweating profusely from the walk and barely able to speak and they'll think I have it and fire me. That... sucks.

EDIT: With the addendum that the Governor just announced manditory mask wearing in red counties starting tomorrow, but will not enforce it if people don't.
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