Couple arrested for subway sex in Toronto

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A couple made the front pages of Toronto newspapers Tuesday after being caught having sex on the subway and then again on a station platform.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon when the unidentified young man and woman allegedly started copulating aboard a train, the Toronto Sun reported.

A passenger the Sun described as "disgusted" pressed the emergency stop strip and transit authorities arrived to separate the pair.

After a 14-minute delay, the couple were put off at the next station, where they allegedly resumed having sex on the floor, the newspaper said.

The station coupling was caught on video and posted to YouTube, although it has been removed and replaced several times.

Police said the two were clearly intoxicated although it wasn't clear whether it was alcohol or drug-related. They were taken to a hospital for evaluation as a precaution.

Each was charged with engaging in a lewd act, police said.


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Man, every time you hear of something ridiculous happening, it's always Canadians. There must be something in the water.
Sex in a Car - Meh, everyone's done that.
Sex in a Public Restroom - sort of daring, but alot have still done it
Sex on a Subway car, then again on the platform? - Batshit insane!


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Didn't realize FK had a significant other.. how sweet. Tell us Shaun, what's his name?

Mr G

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Wow. The only thing I could think of when I read that was how incredibly dirty the floor of that subway station must have been.




There you go, folks.


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Lol, people still make a big deal about sex?

Guess that's what Canada gets for being the unwanted child of France and the UK. :laugh:


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Yeah, they do. When it's, you know, in public and on a subway station floor.

Please go easy on KRBiblio.... He hasn't had any for soooooooo long... :laugh:

And maybe wont... :169: