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I am a really big fan of Country music myself and I love to listen to all sorts from George Strait and Alan Jackson to Rascal Flatts and Luke Bryan and I have just recently started listening to Carrie Underwood and I feel she is a great singer and her music is brilliant.

Do we have any other Country Music fans here? If so, do you have a favourite Country artist?


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I'm not really into coun try music but I guess I quite like Dolly Parton's music and I would imagine she could be the most famous country singer of all, Kenny Rogers is quite good too.


I am actually a real big lover of Country, my preferred music to play. I believe it started on a Hey Arnold! episode, and after GTA San Andreas K-Rose I have loved the show.


I live in Tennessee, so country music was a major part of my childhood. I do not really like the country music that is being released today, but I still like some of the songs I used to listen to. My favorite country music artist is Tim McGraw. I have liked nearly every song he has done. :)


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Remember Nashville Star? A lady named Angela Hacker won some season. I still really like her one song, Total Loss.