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Keith Justice

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Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!  In one corner we have House of the Dragon.. the return of a franchise from one of the most disappointing endings since the Disney Star Wars Sequels.  And then we have the challenger, Rings of Power, the follow up Amazon TV series to follow up one of the greatest fantasy epics of all time, LORD OF THE RINGS!
This one is was a BLAST to record and I hope you have as much fun as we did.
Let us know in the comments who you stand with in the comments below.  And with no further delay……….. LET’S GET IT ON!

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In the end, the vast majority of people don't give a damn as long as the show they're watching is enjoyable. The cast of charismatic actors who play interesting characters provides strong writing and excellent performances in House of the Dragon. As a result, it is flourishing. It's a good television show, and it's getting the attention it deserves. My impression is that the creators of House of Dragons considered both the positives and negatives of Game of Thrones' controversial ending when developing their new show. They were aware of fan expectations, but because they did not own the rights to the Rings of Power, it appeared as if they were writing fan fiction in an attempt to create something from nothing.


House of the Dragon appeals to me more than Rings of Power. There is no rivalry. Anyone with even a basic understanding of the monarchy system will be able to understand the conflict at the heart of House of the Dragon. Game of Thrones is not required to enjoy it. The video game Rings of Power immediately immerses players in the entire backstory. I reasoned that because I'd seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy several times, I should be able to understand what was going on. Nope. It's the same as starting a history class in the middle of the semester. I became frustrated and eventually got up on the Rings of Power series two weeks ago because I couldn't identify with any of the characters or conflicts. Even though the show wants me to feel something, I can't help but feel sorry for the cast of characters. I feel like I could write essays about HotD's character analyses, how the plot exposes the flaws of an inherited power structure, and other topics.


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I can understand why HBO Max decided to cancel West World because they found their new ratings winner show. In the third episode of HoTD, there is a ten-minute scene that is almost entirely centered on one character but contains no dialogue from that character. But you are fully aware of his thoughts and what motivates him. The amount of effort put forth in that endeavor—from writing to acting to directing—is truly amazing.


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One of my favorite aspects of Peter Jackson's films is how each race, including humans, elves, and orcs, fights in its own distinct manner. Men fight unambiguously, elves fight methodically and expertly, and orcs fight brutally and crudely. Battles between humans and orcs are choreographed similarly in Rings of Power. Elf characters, on the other hand, are similar to Marvel superheroes. Rings of Power's creators clearly have no idea what they're doing with the plot.


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The problem with Rings of Power, in my opinion, goes far beyond the writing; the tone and theme are also subpar; perhaps the show is going through an identity crisis? The visuals, which many seem to enjoy praising, appear overengineered and clean to be set in a medieval fantasy world, and the mood is uninteresting. It's fantastic that these two shows are premiering at the same time because it allows us, the audience, to compare the quality of poorly and well-written high fantasy in real time. I don't believe anything like this has ever happened before.


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Let's make it simple and not complicated, Ring of Power suck balls. Beyond unwatchable! I can't believe Paper Girls got canceled and this one is most likely renewed.


When creating a prequel series that takes place 200 years before an intense fantasy period piece like Game of Thrones, the latter must have a gritty aesthetic. I'm really enjoying House of the Dragon. Every moment in House is incredible. HBO has expertly incorporated all of the amazing features from the previous seasons of Game of Thrones into this show. Everything about this film is excellent, including the writing, acting, cinematography, world-building, and, of course, the dragons. Everything has a distinct and fascinating quality that draws you in as you watch. I can't wait to see how the show does during award season so I can give Paddy, Emma, Olivia, and Matt the credit they deserve for the way they've each brought these characters to life. My hat is off to the entire cast and crew for the magic you've worked so hard to create.


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The team behind Rings of Power give the impression that Middle Earth is no larger than a small county. Galadriel can swim across the ocean. The elves can travel to Duein and back in a single day, at their leisure, and without the need for guards. The orcs can dig a trench the length of the continent. The Numenoreans can appear anywhere in an instant. I was looking through the resumes of the showrunners for Disney's upcoming Shogun series, and I was astounded by how much experience they all have. It's incredible that there aren't just a few Harfeet roaming a single square mile. Because these idiots are successful writers, I'm encouraged that I can someday succeed in this industry.


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This is one of the few occasions when I will advise others not to watch a particular show. The majority of us, including myself, don't usually care what other people watch, I don't really want Amazon to fail as a media company but they are making people root against them. Galadriel, a powerful female character in The Lord of the Rings, was a strong role model. Galadriel is a badassgirl, an invincible female boss, a perfect female fighter, and a mean girl in the series Rings of Power. As a woman, I find it extremely offensive when authors are unable to create strong female characters who just happen to be women.


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Everyone has his or her own opinion when it comes to judging a show. Lord of the Rings was really good movie, but Rings of Power never fascinated me. I watched House of Dragons because I liked GOT, I think the first season was pretty nice, can't wait for the next season.


My first reaction does not seem good about Rings of Power but I would be looking for ratings and review to believe if its worth and will only then go for it

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