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What’s up, Commandos?!  We’re back and finally ready to take on Black Adam, Chainsaw Man, and She-Hulk.  Click on in and let’s catch up on on the world of geek

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Under my Umbrella eh eh eh
Chainsawman is one of the crazies anime I had ever watched. I know She-hulk is getting a lot of hate but I actually enjoyed it and I want a season2. They need to improve the writing though and make it less political.


Under My Spell
I do agree that Hawkman deserves a solo movie.Although the plot was very clichéd, the action and the characters were really wonderful. Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan deserves a solo picture too) grabbed every scene he was in, and the action/chase scenes and CGI were superb. Don't go in expecting something like Infinity War or something; this movie is incredibly enjoyable.


Active Member
Though Black Adam felt like a Phase 2 Marvel movie, It saves DCEU. We cannot deny that.As someone who had only seen it an hour before, it really exceeded my expectations. The action is entertaining to see. There were a lot of slow-motion shots, and it often felt like there were too many of them. I agree that it feels crammed with how much they tried to do, but I recommend giving it a shot. I felt like this movie finally nailed humor for DC. I felt that this film finally nailed DC comedy. I felt that this film finally nailed DC comedy. I laughed so hard at numerous parts of it, even throughout the fighting! Everything about the huge guy made me laugh out loud. The two youngsters, as well as the family stories (both of them), and the bond that grew between Dr. Fate and Hawkman, are all excellent. When I started, I didn't know anything about any of these characters, and now I want to learn a lot more about them. In addition to that, I've always been a big fan of Hawkman's actor. Because Gaga is originally from New York, I feel she can pull off the Brooklyn accent.


Do not mess with the Power
There was no attempt made in this film to turn Black Adam into a villain or an antihero. They essentially transformed him into a hero who happened to kill the bad guys rather than knock them out. We live in a world where a Black Adam film is more enjoyable than a Thor Love and Thunder film starring two Oscar winners, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale. I believe that superhero films should prioritize story and enjoyment above politics and virtue signaling. Speaking of The Rock. His daughter just made her WWE debut.


6th Ranger
It's not a masterpiece or anything, but all it needed to be was an extremely entertaining superhero action film. This was much more enjoyable to watch than Multiverse of Madness or Love and Thunder; it was just enjoyable. Given everything that was going on, it is uncommon that they give everyone a chance to shine. It was merely enjoyable. One of the movie's most memorable characters is Cyclone, and I believe the sequences in which she first wields her ability are some of its best. She appears quite gorgeous in the picture. Even the atom guy has his chance to shine, and it appears that you have a solid understanding of his personality. Everyone received their moment in the spotlight, even the relatively minor characters like the boy, his mother, and his mother's brother. The plot was simple, but it was on purpose so that each character could command attention. I'm glad they didn't try to overdo the plot by trying to make it too complicated. Will Black Adam and Shazam ever interact on-screen? Or, to put it another way, in the comics they are each other's greatest nemesis.


New days fly away across D universe See you there
Noah Centineo, Netflix is so obsessed with that guy. I do not like him, I call him Noah Scented mayo. I am glad he didnt get the role of He-man. He should stick with romcoms that I will not watch.


Hey I just met you!
She-Hulk is not that bad of a show but it could have been better. It has moments that offended some fans but I hope they will improve the writing and make Jen more likable and less Karenish.

Pyramid Head

This 2.5-hour Kenobi cut is fantastic in my perspective! The individual in charge was able to tell a fascinating story while leaving out all of the extraneous elements. After seeing the entire series, the last thing I wanted to do was sit through it again just so my wife could watch it. As a result, she and I both watched it, and it not only saved us a lot of time, but it also kept her interested throughout.


I was more than impressed yesterday, when I eventually get to watch Black Adam. I love the way sarcasm was been used (I couldn't help laughing out loud). I have to admit that it was more thrilling compare to the multivers of madness.

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