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Dazzler Media has announced they’re bringing out the thriller Corrective Measures to Blu-Ray, DVD and digital next month.
Anyone who has watched a prison drama has gathered from the usual tropes that prison society must be a hierarchy with kingpins and lackeys, and rival groups eternally at war. It’s normally pretty bad, but it must get a lot worse when superpowers are thrown into the mix. Y’see, this movie takes place at a max security jail for SUPERVILLAINS.
It’s bad news for the nameless protagonist at the center of our story. We don’t know what he did to get sent here, but his powers are pretty miniscule, and he won’t survive long unless he can make the right allies and suck up to the criminal mastermind at the center of the prison’s community.
The protagonist is played by Bruce Willis, and the master criminal is protrayed by Michael Rooker (the man with the crooked grin you remember from Guardians of the Galaxy and The Walking Dead). Dazzler doesn’t mention who else is in the...

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I believe this is one of the last movies of Bruce Willis. 😭😢 His health is currently dwindling and that forces him to retire. At least he is able to finish some movies before his retirement. Sad to say its the end of an era.

Shin Gouki

I wasn't expecting much from this film, but it astonished me with how fantastic it was for a low-budget Bruce Willis film. He didn't do much because he wasn't required to. The story, special effects, a good cast with strong performances, and the filmmakers' final product are all excellent. This is a film that I will remember.


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I'm curious whether they scanned Bruce Willis in a computer like Disney did with so many of their actors. With what's going on with Bruce Willis and his aphasia, I'd expect them to scan his likeness and put it into a computer, then use his likeness with other individuals doing the voice or a computer mimicking his voice. I heard some Actors are now selling their likeness so they can still be used for movies if they retire or pass away.


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This is bittersweet, I want to see more Bruce Willis movies but now he have Aphasia it will become impossible. At least we will get to see him one last time.


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Although not particularly outstanding, the film was better than I had anticipated. When I see Bruce Willis in a film these days, I know it's not going to be good. I've always assumed that his dreadful acting was due to boredom, because that's how he comes across these days - he just portrays a bored version of himself. However, I now know that Bruce has aphasia, which explains everything. I just watch this film in Tubi and Bruce gave his best before the fat lady sings at the end of his career.


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He, like Jim Carey, wanted to go on a high note. He desired to be remembered when he was at his peak. I just finished watching it. It was excellent, with Bruce Willis performing admirably for his age. I made the decision to watch it. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.