Coolest fights and scenes from Heisei Rider?


Hey, Sorry if the title is a bit misleading but I can't fit a paragraph in the title.

I'm looking to make a kinda compilation video for a friend who is kinda on the fence about getting into Rider. and sometimes it is hard to find all the clips you want from youtube alone. So I'm just wondering if anyone had any thing that comes to mind when you think of awesome fights and stuff in Heisei Rider.

It would also help if the scene in question can be watched with 0 context and still enjoyed. I already have some stuff from Fourze, Gaim and Drive. as well as a clip from kabuto but any ideas help.


The fights from early Wizard were amazing. Watch the ones where he fights a group of Ghouls. Man, does he have Style.


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Everything Koichi Sakamoto has ever touched (particularly the movies, with special mention to W Forever, Megamax, and Ultimatium).
Too many from Kabuto to count, but this might give some inspiration (the fights at the end of episodes 2 and 4 also come to mind).
Kuuga also had some really cool fights as well (despite being short sometimes, such as the final battle). Try the one at the end of #2.
You could also try the finale to OOO.
Finally, give the finale to the Faiz movie a glance, and maybe the debut of Blaster Form (around #39). Or this (from #15 and #16).


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The transformation scenes are all pretty cool.
My favourite is when Blade transforms to King Form

Dr Kain

The Blade and Chalice motorcycle battle from episode 9.

The fight with the army of Makamous from Hibiki where all of the riders had to team up to defeat them (can't remember what episode it was though, it might have been the summer creatures).

Kuuga's fight with the bat in the church in episode 2.

Blade and Garren chasing down the Wolf Undead on their bikes in 25.

The first time Odin ***** smacked Ryuki in 28 (I think).

W battling Nazca.

Blade's King Form transformation in 34 (I think).

Leangel's first appearance in 16.

Kuuga's bike chase.

The intro to Decade.

Dark Kiva's transformation.

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The first scene from Wizard where he rescues Rinko from the Minotaur (?) Phantom. Or the first time you see Wizard in his vs movie with Fourze, where he fights a small army and shows off all his forms.

For OOO the final fight from his Wonderful solo movie, where he becomes all his forms simultaniously. Or perhaps his crossover film with Fourze where there's some good fight footage of the old Riders? Or Let's Go Kamen Riders' intro scene for all the past Riders?

For Double I'd say to start with The Gaia Memories of Fate movie, where he fights Eternal on Fuuto Tower and blasts through all his combos (I'd also say the end of the fight where he becomes Cyclone Joker Gold Extreme, but that may not work so well for a montage video). Or maybe when Accel fights in Booster form in Double Returns Accel?

For Decade, his first episode fight is pretty cool. Or his first transformation and fight as Decade Complete. Or the all rider kick from the All Riders vs Dai Shocker film. Or the scene from the first Movie War where all 10 Heisei Riders fight the Neo Organism and Decade makes them all change to ultimate form? (Wow...Decade actually had a lot of cool fights!) I would have said the double Black and RX transformation scene but I don't know if that has the same cool factor if you know nothing about Rider.

Kiva's first fight, or at least the first time he does his finisher, was pretty cool. Maybe cut away before Castle Doran appears though. The CGI on the fat castle dragon hasn't aged well. :sweat:
- Someone already brought up Koichi Sakamoto, but yeah, despite issues people have with him, they gotta he's the best toku director when it comes to fights.
- "Representing all the graduates, Kamen Rider Fourze. Kisaragi Gentarou." -- Fourze's final fight is slightly with Kuuga's for top last battles.
- Kuuga's last fight
- Wizard's Ultimatum introduction fight. It made me actually like Wizard for a bit.
- A to Z and Megamax... All those fights.
- A lot of Decade when you just accept he only runs on rule of cool.
- A lot of Kabuto's early fights since they had to sell clock up when they still had a budget.


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Kiva's last episode when the son of Wataru arrives and they go rider kicking a new menace outside a church

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