Conjuring Kesha is coming to Discovery Plus this July 8. The Paranormal has always been an interest for this Mensa Member popstar. ( I am not kidding you, her IQ is 140 ) Nine years ago, she released the song Supernatural. It is a song she wrote about her sexual encounters with a ghost. YUP, she admitted that she once had sex with a ghost during her Ke$ha phase. Kesha will be on a ghost-hunting journey in some of the scariest places in the United States.
She said she got spin-chilling and life-changing encounters with the spirit of who passed. Kesha also has a hobby of trying to hunt UFOs but decided to make a show about ghosts instead because Demi Lovato beats her to it.
Conjuring Kesha official trailer

Kesha will not be ghost hunting alone because she will be exploring these haunting grounds...

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All I remember her for heavily autotuned pop songs with brain melting lyrics. A lot of her songs are about getting drunk and getting high. Are you sure she is sober this time around?


She is not Afraid of Ghosts because Ghosts are safer to deal with over the people controlling the music industry. Her dollar sign era, is not the real her, It is a character forced to her by the people managing her. She can actually sing but they forced her to use auto-tune. She also got a Me too moment because one of the top people in the Music industry sexually assaulted her. Just like her, I rather deal with ghost than living humans in power.


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When she said she had sex with a ghost, I think that is just sleep paralysis. some people who had sleep paralysis felt something in the groin area, but that is just cause of their body getting paralyzed temporarily.


What does the Fox say?
I like to watch shows about the paranormal and ghosts, etc. They are very imaginative and entertaining. When I'm done watching them, I'm like: 'Whew! Glad that's not real!' That's why I liked shows like Twilight Zone. There's no such place as the Twilight Zone. :)