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On September 9, The Walt Disney Company will hold its D23 event. Not unlike E3, this event is exciting for consumers and deeply dreaded by reporters (like yours truly) because the company dumps TEN THOUSAND NEWS ITEMS AT THE SAME TIME and makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO COVER EVERYTHING.
But now, you can experience the same feeling that I have, just one day earlier, when Disney+ introduces the first-ever Disney+ Day: a day when so much content will be uploaded to the servers at once, you’ll have no idea what to watch. Disney+ Day has been marked for September 8, one day prior to D23. Within the blink of an eye, you’ll get:

Thor: Love And Thunder
Skipped the theatrical run? Here it is.
Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Thor: Love and Thunder
After you’re done, learn how it was made.
She-Hulk Episode 4
Cars On The Road
I wish these miniseries spinoffs of Pixar movies had the same magic that the feature films did. The fact that it’s Cars sets my expectations even lower.

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I wish Disney Plus is available in my country. I am willing to pay subscription but they don't care about my country.
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Well other countries have no Disney Plus yet because they are releasing Disney Plus originals as Cinematic movies. Like How Miss Marvel was released in Pakistan in Theaters.


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I wish Hulu and Disney Plus will just merge so I don't need to subscribe to 2 services owned by the same company at the same time.


I think they want confuse people with so much stuff at same time. They produce it so much that they even can't spread it in a year. Disney, let's make this stuff little slower.


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You know what will be cool? If Disney Plus will rescue the Good shows cancelled by Netflix