Comic Distro And Tidal Wave Enter Comic Distribution Deal

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Jun 20, 2012
One of the better developments in the comic book industry lately has been the shattering of Diamond’s monopoly on the distribution market. For a long time if a comic book vendor wanted to sell anything, it was Diamond or nothing. But after Diamond chose to shut down temporarily during the start of the pandemic, the big boys like Marvel and DC suddenly had a reason to oppose Diamond’s level of power, and looked for other partners.
The breakup has now allowed smaller companies to choose their own distributors too. Tidal Wave Productions, a small comics outfit from Washington State, has entered a new agreement with the up-and-coming Comics Distro to distribute their new creations to comics shops, as well as reprints of their older material.
“We’re excited to distribute TidalWave comic books and publications to stores. They have a rich library of compelling stories and their biographies are second-to-none,” says Comic Distro’s Founder Austin Osueke. “I am excited to see a new player in...

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