Cobra Kai VI will be the Final Season

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This was one of the most popular Netflix programs. I was impressed by the persona, the dancing, and the performance. The show's intrigue was greatly raised by striking the perfect mix between reenacting iconic Karate Kid sequences and adding fresh characters. I loved that they used all the seasoned actors. The perfect spin-off series would be this. I like how they redeemed Johnny Lawrence as he is the villain of the first movie. I love the new characters they introduced too.


I remember watching it's first episode in YouTube back in 2018 and now it is about to end. I am sad it is ending but I am glad it is ending on its own terms.

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Before Cobra Kai, who would have thought that we would one day support Johnny Lawrence and hate LaRusso? I adore their about-face.Outstanding characters, performance, and casting. Cobra Kai will always be one of my all-time favorite television series because I saw the original Karate Kid in theaters.


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I'll be sad when it goes. Nobody expected this series to be good, yet it was excellent! As a huge fan of the Karate Kid movies and, now, the series, I'm happy to have had the chance to watch it! There are typically six seasons per year. It's just enough to keep things interesting for a while without getting boring. Oh, and six kicks per rim is the perfect number.


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They better have Julie Pierce make an appearance in this last season. Her actress became the biggest star out of Karate kid.


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I love how in the Karate Kid movies Johhny and Daniel were enemies.

Then in Cobra Kai they became friends.

I also love how it recovered the career of the people who played them. Cobra Kai made them relevant again. I bet Youtube regret letting go of this show and letting it slip away to Netflix.

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