Co-op puzzle platformer Biped to release on PC on Mar 27, PS4 and Switch to follow

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Jan 17, 2014
Biped’s PS4 and Switch versions will come out after the PC release on Steam and GOG on March 27, developer Tencent NExT Studios and publisher META confirmed today.
View the trailer below:

Biped is a brain-twisting puzzle platformer designed to bond players in moment-to-moment collaboration. While playable solo, Biped’s unique control scheme and intricate puzzles make it a perfect couch co-op experience for all ages.
About Tencent NExT Studios
Tencent’s NExT Studios is a game developer with a focus on exploring new technologies, genres, and playstyles at all times. The studio is known for the detective game Unheard and a puzzle adventure Iris.Fall.
About META Publishing
META Publishing is a newly formed videogame publishing label with a focus on creative, fun and visually stunning games. With industry veterans as its core, META aims to help studios from all over the globe to get worldwide exposure and proper support in a form of full-cycle publishing with top-notch...

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