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Finally, the legacy of the children’s book writer Norman Bridwell will continue accordingly. His magnum opus will have a live-action treatment for a newer generation, so his legacy goes on.
First, the children of the 1960s grew up reading the adventures of Clifford, a giant red labrador retriever, and Emily Elizabeth, his eight-year-old owner. The books sold over 126 million copies back then, so therefore its a cultural icon. Then, the kids from the early 2000s grew with the two-season cartoon series adaptation of the books too. Now, this Titanic-sized dog is making a comeback, but this time on the big screen. Clifford appears to be massive in the trailer too.
This dog looks cute and scary at the same time but I don’t mind. Dog lovers will have warm fuzzy feelings and truly appreciates it. Meanwhile, others will freak out with the uncanny valley. It is not as polarizing as most live-action adaptations before. Most people have positive feedbacks from the teaser...
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