chronicle your anime fandom


A thread to describe your personal descent into madness :p

For me it started at 8 years old. I was flipping through the channels one late night and stumbled upon an airing of The original vampire hunter D film. It was without question the most surrealy violent and vivid piece of animation I'd seen up until that point. Around this time people were still trying to call the stuff japanamation and even as i kid was hesitant to describe it as such.

But from that point onward I was always keeping an eye out for shows that looked like it. I would watch episodes of Voltron whenever the popped up and would try to find ways of recording episodes of dragon ball, If i couldn't miss the first hour of school to watch them :p At around 10 I caught what looked like anime while someone was flipping through channels. I remembered it being around midnight when it happened. The next week I started flipping through the channels on the same day and time and found Robotech. More importantly. I found a bay area california public broadcasting channel called KTEH:buttrock:. Through it I was able to see Tenchi muyo, Serial experiments lane, Key the metal idol, Evangelion, Bubblegum crisis, Urasei Yatsura, and the Ranma movies.

It was a little while before or after that I discovered the sci fi channel was airing anime regularly on saturday (though they would flip flop between showing it at 8 in the morning or at midnight) Before that they would have one or two points in the year where they would show anime for a weekend or in one case a movie each day for a week. Through them I saw Akira, Demon city shinjuku (My second favorite Kawajiri work.) , the casherrn ova's condensed into a movie type format(at least thats how i remembered it), tank police, Project Ako, Urusei Yatsura: beautiful dreamer, and alot more that I'm blanking on at the moment.

To say I was hooked at that point would be an understatement. Whenever I had money I would nag the hell out of my mom to take me to blockbuster or hollywood video. Along with games I would seek out anime's to rent. I'd also take what little money I had and go to used music stores. Why? Because there were always used VHS tapes for sale on the cheap. I could find anime there for anywhere between 10 to 5 bucks. They only got cheaper years later when dvds were becoming the norm.

Around the time I turned 14 we finally got an internet capable computer. The internet seemed like it would be the holyland for someone like me. Especially sense I had no job and no money. With P2P coming into play it seemed all to perfect. There was just one problem. 56K Sure I could leave the computer running over night. But that would only do so much. There were a few times I left it on during the day. But my mom missing important calls put an end to that quick:laugh:.

It'd be two years of very.......slowly..... downloading low quality episodes or movies through AOL :laugh: and a few "free" browsers before we got dsl. Now I could download as much as I wanted without my mother or sister missing calls. My anime obsession was rivaled only by my love of video games at this point. I was almost always downloading and watching, and renting and watching, and tuning in and watching, and borrowing and watching it.

Those years carry fond memories for me. Everything I saw was new and exciting. Half of the friends I made in high school came to be because of the similar interest in it and video games. Even now that I'm a bit older an a little jaded I still enjoy it. And I'm sure I always will.

(wow Long post is long. no need to go on as long as rant as I did if ya don't feel like it :p)