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Christian Sesma seemingly never stops working. A self-taught filmmaker, Sesma has been directing since 2006 at an incredibly productive rate. In that time, he has completed (and found distribution) for more than twenty feature-length genre films.
His prolific nature and continued success in getting his work actually seen have led him to be a director that genre acting stalwarts want to work with. This is perfectly showcased by his latest project (and strongest directorial effort to date)— the hard-hitting action film SECTION 8. The cast features Ryan Kwanten (TRUE BLOOD), Dolph Lundgren (ROCKY IV), Dermot Mulroney (YOUNG GUNS), Scott Adkins (UNDISPUTED 3), and Mickey Rourke (THE WRESTLER) in a story about a military veteran (Kwanten) who, after losing his wife and child, is unwittingly pulled into a shadowy world of government-sponsored assassins.
I had a chance to speak with Christian Sesma about SECTION 8 ahead of its release today. We discussed his inspiring early success...

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