CHIP ‘N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS Are making a comeback but in a Meta way! Rather than a reboot, this film will pick up 30 years after the show was canceled. It is like the Girls5eva of cartoons because it is about old friends reuniting and trying to make a comeback. Losing their popularity separated the duo from their Gang. After 3 decades Chip(John Mulaney) and Dale(Andy Samberg) met again and they decided to reunite for a comeback. They will be pitching executives of Disney+ a comeback and return to television. Very Smart of them for not going for Netflix or Fox because those two love canceling shows.
With the Cameo of Roger Rabbit, I have a feeling the humor of this film will be more adult inclined. It tackles the issue of Actors getting nip and tuck so they will continue getting projects. Dale got CGI...

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I commend Chip for refusing to not have a CGI Surgery. It is such an epidemic in the cartoon world. Even in Anime, Son Goku just got a CGI Surgery.


I see we've returned to the premise of "cartoon characters as actors in shows",... And I'll be there in a heartbeat. Growing up, one of my all-time favourite movies was Who Framed Roger Rabbit. As immediately as they introduced Roger in, I started hyperventilating. That's probably all we'll get from them for him. This is something I'd really like to see in a theatre.Please, Disney, release this film along with Turning Red in theatres. Chip and Dale were my all-time favourite Disney characters as a kid! Even before Rescue Rangers, I was a fan. This film looks very good, and despite its shortcomings, I'm delighted they're bringing back my favourite characters in their film. Given the cast, it should be a laugh riot.


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So is this for kids or for the kids who grew up watching Rescue Rangers. It will be awkward for children to watch something that discusses plastic surgery. Also Roger Rabbit is a more adult leaning character if you think about it. They didn't give Chip and Dale the squeaky voice, I guess to avoid Alvin and the Chipmunks comparison.


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This is adult oriented for sure and those jabs they are taking are meant for no kid.😆 Disney+ is the ideal home for it too, definitely not Netflix.

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