Chinese woman singing Let's Go!! Rider Kick


[ame=""]YouTube - ????Let's Go! Rider Kick! (Kamen Rider?????1975?)-???[/ame]

Chinese version

[ame=""]YouTube - ????Let's Go! Rider Kick! (Kamen Rider ??????1975?)-??[/ame]​

Hey, at least there's no rap at the beginning.


Everywhere You Go
Lol, Kamen Raidai!:laugh:

I guess those songs sound alright, but I don't like them that much. Are both versions by the same singer?:D


^ No...
They are from two different people... XD

EDIT: Actually,
The second one is not in Chinese,
it's in Cantonese... ^^
I found a few more versions, but these are sung by a Male Singer

[ame=""]YouTube - ??? - ???? 1975[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - ?? - ???? 1975[/ame]

But I still think this version is the best! :anime:

[ame=""]YouTube - ???????.rmvb[/ame]


I think I kind of remember watching that Hong Kong drama when I was younger, but didn't realise they used the melody of Kamen Rider until now...

Isn't that a dialect?

Yes. But the Western conception of dialect is slightly different for the Chinese language context. As a Chinese from the Hokkien dialect group, unless I understand Cantonese, I do not understand what they are talking about.


min snopp är gul
Two different Chinese woman. :thumbs:

Isn't that a dialect?

It's a dialect within the Yue Chinese group. Mandarin belongs to a different Chinese group. We speak Cantonese in my family. Before I actually learnt Mandarin, I couldn't understand anything of it. Some words sounds similar in Cantonese and Mandarin, but it's not nearly enough to understand. I personally don't see Cantonese and Mandarin as the same languages.

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