Chinese Shinkenger promo, including Chinese Shinkenger OP


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No, not Hong Kong, they're not due to get Shinkenger until March.

This is from Taiwan, I think. Knock yourselves out if you want:

[ame=""]?????MV - YouTube[/ame]

EDIT: Tell you what, here's the opening scene from the dub of episode 1, featuring more of the translation to the Shinkenger theme:

[ame=""]??? YOYOTV ??OP ???? - YouTube[/ame]
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France USED to be lucky!!

[ame=""]Bioman Opening FR - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=""]Bioman Ending FR - YouTube[/ame]

Germany only had ONE Tokusatsu.

[ame=""]Winspector Intro Deutsch - YouTube[/ame]


Same with south america :buttrock:

[ame=""]liveman episodio 11 parte A Latino - YouTube[/ame]

Portuguese (I think)
[ame=""]FLASHMAN 23 SONHO DOURADO - YouTube[/ame]