The most recent installment of the Chiller Theatre convention happened this past April of 2022, and I was lucky enough to attend the show for two days. I always enjoy attending Chiller, and of the three April Chillers I’ve attended so far, the 2022 show has been my best so far. All the stars I met were friendly, and as I’ve been very active as a participant and moderator on the Chiller Theatre Fans Facebook group, a lot of people recognized me. Join me now as I recap Chiller of April 2022.
The first star I met was Claudia Wells, the original Jennifer Parker in the first Back To The Future. Claudia was so incredibly friendly when I met her. Ms. Wells was actually one of the first people I made friends with on Facebook, and I had the chance to thank her for that friendship in person. I hope to be able to land an interview with her someday. I actually did reach out to her back in the late 00s, when I was writing for the website RetroJunk, but things didn’t pan out at that time. I...

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What does the Fox say?
This article reminds me of a fellow blogger who writes entertainment reviews. He doesn't just get to write, sometimes he meets celebrities. I was jealous of his photo with Shakira. Looks like you go to take photos with cool celebs too!