Children of the Corn, Stephen King's Horror franchise is back

<p>Children of the Corn is one of Stephen King’s most successful Horror stories. It got adapted into a movie franchise on more than one occasion. It is one of the greatest films of the Evil children Sub-genre. Unlike other Evil Child movies like Orphan, The Good Son, and Bad seed, This franchise doesn’t focus on a single evil child. The Children of The Corn is an Army of them. It is about a small town where everyone over 18 is killed by children. Being an adult can cost you your life. The first movie was shown in 1984 and made $14 Million for a budget of $800 thousand. That leads to 9 sequels throughout the 90s and early 2000s. It got a remake in 2009 and rather than making a sequel for that remake director and writer Kurt Wimmer goes for a reboot instead. </p>


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Yikes the movie lacks diversity, All the children are and adults I see are White. This is not some period drama set in Ancient Viking Scandinavia.


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Well to be fair to them, this is set in Nebraska and not California or New Work. Nebraska is not that Diverse. Most people there are white. Also we don't need diversity in every single movie.


Hey, guys. So, I'm a huge fan of Stephen King, and I've been disappointed in the previous Children of the Corn movies. The original was great, but the sequels that followed didn't quite hit the mark. I'm not sure if a complete reimagining will make it any better, but we'll see. The fact that the release was delayed due to the pandemic also makes me wonder if it's worth checking out. I heard they made an interesting choice with the villain, too. They genderbent Isaac and turned him into a girl named Eden. I'm curious to see how that'll change the story and the dynamic between Eden and her followers.


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The fact that it's a complete reimagining means I have no idea what to expect. I'm curious about how they'll make Eden Edwards even more charismatic and how her followers will justify their actions. She is replacing a horror icon like Isaac who was the head villain of the franchise.


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I remember watching the original Children of the Corn in the '80s, and it's exciting to see it reimagined for a new generation. Creepy Children gives me chills. I'm interested in how the new version will differ from the original and the sequels that followed. Even though it's been almost 40 years since the first movie came out, the concept of a cult-like leader and their influence over young minds is still relevant today. Fake news and Propagandas had been influencing people like sheep. I'm looking forward to watching this new version with my own children and seeing their reaction to the story.

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Me, A Die hard Stephen King fan, I'm beyond excited that two of his classics, Children of the Corn and Boogeyman, are getting the remake treatment. The original Children of the Corn was one of my favorites, and I can't wait to see how the reimagining turns out. And with Boogeyman, I remember being terrified as a kid, and I'm curious to see how they update it for a modern audience.


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Little girls are easier to make creepy in films more than boys. I don't know why but yeah little girls works better a s horror villains.

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