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Sega has been on a “mini” binge recently, creating miniaturized versions of its most popular devices from the past. You know about the Genesis Mini, and we just found out about the Game Gear Micro last month, but they have even more in mind.
Not a miniature Dreamcast, not a microscopic Master System, but an homage to their formative years: a tiny arcade machine, the Astro City Mini. Though Sega is known for its 80s and 90s consoles, it also had a long and profitable stint in the arcade business. Sega developed a scaling engine that wowed crowds in games like After Burner, OutRun and Space Harrier.
None of those three are yet confirmed for the Astro City Mini, though with 36 games packed in, we’d be shocked if they were all left out. Here are the games Sega HAS confirmed:

Alien Syndrome...
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