Random Kamen Rider Lot

SH. Figuarts Kabuto - $20 + Shipping (SOLD!)
All accessories, hands, and packaging included.

FFR 01 Kamen Rider Decade - $10 + Shipping
All accessories and stand included. No boxing or Attack Ride card.

Double Driver Candy Toy Watch - $5 + Shipping
Tells time. Button on bottom to open the Double Driver watch.

Frog Pod w/Frog Memory - $7 + Shipping
No boxing. Rarely Used. Good condition.

Small Nigo Clock - $5 + Shipping
No batteries. Retro from when Nigo aired on TV.

DX Drake Zecter - $15 + Shipping (SOLD!)
Used. Doesn't click as well as it used to. All electronics work fine. Lever needs to be pulled a certain way to work effectively.

Deforme Mister Petit Chibi Kamen Rider Hensei Rider Famous Scene Ver.1 Complete Set

All in good condition. Kept original boxes. Only thing missing is the small stickers fot Momotaros and Urataros. $25 + Shipping for the whole set.

2 Kamen Rider W
1 Kamen Rider Ixa
1 Kamen Rider Blade
1 Imajin Momotaros
1 Imajin Urataros
2 Kamen Rider Kick Hopper
2 Kamen Rider Punch Hopper
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