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Storm Eagle

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In one episode, Xaviax disguised himself as Eubulon and at his disposal had an arsenal that consisted of a sword vent, and even had the ability to execute a speed vent. Does the real Advent Master/Eubulon have these abilities, as well as his own Advent Beast? The official KRDK site has an Advent Deck section, and there's none for the Advent Master.

Are the Ventaran Kamen Riders Axe (Hunt) and Spear (Chase) brothers like Danny and Albert?

What does the "C" in JTC stand for?

Nathan Long

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Hmmm. You are remembering more about the show than I do...

Uh, Eubulon had the powers that his suit (prototype?) had in the footage we had available to us. We did not create new cards or powers for him.

As for the Ventaran Axe and Spear, since they did not appear in the show, I don't think we ever decided one way or the other.

And I can't remember what the C stands for in JTC.

Sorry, those were terrible answers, I know.
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