Changes to the Heisei Kamen Riders

How can you make these rider series' better?

- Ryuki
- Faiz
- Hibiki
- Den-O
- Kiva
- Decade

Change some of the worlds in Decade.
- Kiva and Kengo as partners in their private battle against the Fangires.
- Blade's battle against the ruler of the Undead who possesses the Major Arcana.
- In Kabuto's World, Renge as Kamen Rider Tento the ladybug rider.
Here are some ways I can make Den-O better:

-Hana would appear in the New Den-O movies in place of Kohana.

-Make New Den-O fight an entirely new enemy since the Imagin no longer exists.

Now for Kiva:

-Wataru will not spam Emperor Form once he obtains it.


Ryuki- Unchanged. It worked. I'll even take the ending for all it's strangeness. It just worked.

Faiz- less soap-opera, bit more exposition. Finish what you started for chrissakes!

Hibiki-No production team swap. Things were going fine. Sure it was going to be different, but the sudden change-up halfway through made things even worse. Maybe a bit more focus on action I suppose.

Den-O- Obliterate it from existence entirely. Three movies ago? I would have just said throw in a coherent plot. Now? I just want it gone.

Kiva- Somewhat the same as Faiz. Just give us a few more answers and I'd be happy.

Decade- Honestly? Just a bit more of a coherent plot. Things got a bit strange towards the end, there. I wave it along since it was an anniversary show. They were trying to pull out all the stops and learn as they go. They get mercy if only because they seem to be applying what they've learned to Gokaiger.


- Ryuki-use all the riders during the series as well as all the cards and powers they have -also more fights
- Faiz-same -also get rid of kaxai earlier in the series -he was really irritating and was irritating through out the series
- Hibiki-you can't fix this one
- Den-O-more imagins and more development of the plot earlier on with actual closure at the end not keep it going in movies
- Kiva-have ixa fight kiva more using all the fakers and also plan out the time travel bit at the end better it has a fair number of plot holes
- Decade-MORE episodes

over all i think i know what the problem is -each one of these series lots of things where made and planed for them but never got used because things where changed example look at all the codes in faiz that he never used -also look at ryuki tons of things like odin's staff and the 3 survive vents and other stuff that simply never was used. I think the problem is that when its being planed out and written there are lots of plans but they can't cram it all in.

its probably a cash thing they don't have the time and money to do everything they planned after all having an episode ready every week is difficult and they NEVER STOP
What about the alternate worlds of Decade?

Kuuga - Its fine

Kiva - Wataru as a vampire slayer and musician. In a more Dante personality. New rider with Kengo who possesses the spirits: skeleton, mummy, zombie & bishamon.

Ryuki - Ryuki and other riders compete in a rider card tournament. They summon their Advent beast first. Then they all fight in one huge one-on-one brawl.

Blade - The story's fine. A new rider who possesses the major arcana.

Faiz - Story's fine. Too much drama. Kiba as Orga. New riders: Zeta, Epsilon, Sigma & Theta.

Agito - Story's fine. Dark Agito could use different colors.

Den-O - Good story. Maybe a nega Den-o with a ryotaro who has good luck and an evil personality.

Kabuto - New rider: Tento - Ladybug, Beelzebub - fly & Gumo - Spider. Gatack possesses a perfect zecter in the form of an axe. Story's fine.

Hibiki - Story's fine. It would be nice for Asamu to become Hibiki in the end.


Faiz- less soap-opera, bit more exposition. Finish what you started for chrissakes!
Granted it's been a while since I watched 555 but what wasn't explained? The ending was open-ended, yeah, but I don't think that's inherently a bad thing.