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We have a debut date AND a dub cast list for Chainsaw Man! The most anticipated anime of 2022 will at last make its premiere on October 11. Crunchyroll showed off a new trailer for the series and revealed who’s playing who.
Chainsaw Man takes place in a dark world where creatures known as Devils are spawned from the collective fears and negative thoughts of humanity. Someone’s gotta hunt them, and that guy was fearless teenager Denji — until he died. Oh, no, wait, he’s back again, thanks to merging with his pet Devil Pochita to transform into the powerful Chainsaw Man. When he’s CM, Denji can sprout chainsaws from any part of his body to instantly puree any monster in his path.
The English voice of Denji has been cast as Ryan Colt Levy (My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission; Moriarty the Patriot). Suzie Yeung (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba; Wonder Egg Priority) – will be Makima, Reagan Murdock (Dragon Ball Super; Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer!) will play Aki and Sarah Wiedenheft...

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One of the craziest Manga I read. This will be the next big thing.

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I read the Manga and I am obsessed. I regret subscribing way too early on Crunchy Roll though because I thought its already available but its not yet released. I am way too early.


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So excited for the anime to start. If Mappa manages to capture the spirit of the manga, it will be totally awesome. In addition, I think the theme is excellent. It appears that the action scenes are completely insane. It's material fit for a major motion picture.


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For the benefit of readers who are just tuning in, this is an ongoing series. To begin with. Greetings and welcome to the asylum for the criminally insane. And second, buckle up, because things are about to get crazy. And third, when DENJI transforms, he feels like he's being hacked to pieces by a pair of chainsaws.His Transformation isn't easy to go through. True to its name, It is the most painful thing he have to go through. This is not some easy few seconds transformation/


Because Kensuke Ushio is going to be working on the music for the series, there are great hopes for the music that will be used in the series. In Devilman Crybaby, he really showed how talented he is.