Catwoman: Hunted will be coming to HBO Max and Bluray. This is not DC’s first time dabbling in the world of Anime because there has been attempts before. Batman Ninja is DC’s first attempt to make an anime and it was well-received by the fans. Catwoman: Hunted is directed by Shinsuke Terasawa who worked for multiple Anime titles. Unlike Batman Ninja, Selina’s solo film will have hand-drawn animation instead of CGI. It has a serious style of art work but the movie promises a lot of humor.
Cat Woman:Hunted is very timely since Catwoman will have a return to live-action at the upcoming film “The Batman”.
People who will want to see more of this infamous anti-heroine will find this movie at HBO Max. Catwoman (Elizabeth Gillies) solo adventures will be joined...

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This is the best portrayal of Batwoman I had seen so far. Way more likable than her CW equivalent. Its nice to See Catwoman having adventures without her man Batman and she hangs out with his cousin.

Cure White

This movie is really fun, Catwoman and her antics is so entertaining. The creators of this Anime also found a way to make a boring character like Batwoman look cool.


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Catwoman really shined in this movie and she had proven she is more than Batman's love interest.