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Catherine, Called Birdy, is a Prime Video original, written and directed by actress Lena Dunham. It is an adaptation of a Karen Cushman novel of the same title. During the 1290s, child marriage was common in medieval England.  The moment a young girl has her first menstrual cycle, she is eligible for marriage. Child marriages were shockingly the norm back then because women have no say on how to live their lives. It is nagging skeleton in every person’s family history. Bella Ramsey who got a lead role in upcoming the live action adaptation of “The last of us” snatched the role of Birdy.
Catherine, Called Birdy, official trailer!

Birdy (Bella Ramsey) is Lord Rollo ‘s youngest and only daughter, out of four offspring...

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I notice a lot of actresses are transitioning into directors. First Olivia Wilde, and now Lena Dunham.


I can't wait to see this movie; it has a fantastic ensemble, and, predictably, my favorite actor, Joe Alwyn, looks as spicy as ever. When I was a small child, this book was my all-time favorite, and I can't believe it's now a movie! As a child, I adored this book so much. In fact, I recently read it again and, by chance, learned that a movie was being produced of it. The book is fantastic, so I hope it's terrific. Bella Ramsey is not the actress I had in mind for the role of Birdy, but I will overlook it because of her talent.
Bella Ramsey receiving a leading part makes me so happy! She was excellent in Game of Thrones, and I have no doubt that she will be fantastic in this. Bella appears to be playing Lyanna Mormont again, albeit in a more happier setting! As a child, I cherished this book. I'm hoping for a wonderful movie!


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I notice that this movie's plot have similarity with "The Princess" and Walt Disney's Brave. All films are about Princesses who refuses to marry.


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Not only do I run away in dread when I see Lena Dunham, but I also wonder how she manages to get work. She will advocate a form of feminism known as misandry, which is not about equality. I don't mean to offend those who enjoy this film, but I detest Lena Dunham. The more Bella I see, the less confidence I have in her ability to portray Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us. I ain't watching this forced woke crap.


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The person above me is a good example of toxic masculinity. Why are so many men online are getting offended of women empowerment. You have mothers, daughters and sisters.
Interesting, right? Where credit is due, when it comes to its original offerings, Amazon is far superior to Netflix in terms of quality control. With First Kill, Emily in Paris, and the Dua Lipa dancing Resident Evil series, Netflix is fast becoming a meme.


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Hulu has a movie titled "The Princess' and the plot is more similar but the main character knows martial arts.