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Casper the Friendly Ghost will be introduced to a new generation but not  the way we remember him. After CW’s failed attempt to make an edgy live action reboot of Powerpuff Girls. Casper will be the next one get the dark live action reboot.  The live action reboot will a teen marketed horror series. So expect Casper to be some Good looking guy with abs on this twenties. It could go on the direction of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina“. There are no details yet on who will be cast but  expect this new version of the classic to be darker and grittier.
Casper’s classic fans will be begging to remember him this way…

This edgy reboot is an upcoming project of Peacock and directed by Kai Yu Wu of The Ghost Bride fame. As many generations know, Casper, the Friendly Ghost, is a White blog of a ghost...

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Hollywood is running out of ideas that they now want to sexualize a white blob who made the childhood of everyone's parents.


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It sounds good, but I'm hoping this gives them a cause to add the 1990s animation to the service. I want to go back to the series, but there's so little of it available legally or otherwise. Aside from that, I'm hoping the series includes the nefarious uncles, perhaps even Spooky and Poil. Wendy and Kat should make a return too.
I'm a big Casper fan, and I'm excited about this new series. Steven Spielberg's 1995 film is also one of my favorites. I hope Peacock and everyone else involved in the production does everything they can to give it the true heart and spirit of Casper the Friendly Ghost. We will all love and beg to see more of them if the episodes are done right.


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This is something I'm not sure of.
I wanted Casper to return, but only as a cartoon or a musical, not as a grim character.
Riverdale is terrible.
It's an outright rip-off of the Archie comic books.


I have great memories of Casper with my grandma, and if she is alive, she will be livid about this one.


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Casper's friendship have benefits now? 🤣🤣🤣 I can understand a Scooby Doo for Adults but not sexualized teen drama Casper.


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Sexualized Casper? Why do they have to make dark reboot of everything wholesome. Riverdale ruined Archie for me and now this.