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The iconic sports manga and anime Captain Tsubasa has had its own mobile game for a while now. But they’re adding a touch of authenticity this season by entering into a deal with J. League, the top professional soccer league in Japan (though it’s called “football” there like it is everywhere else outside of the US). This month in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, your team can now wear official J. League gear, and you can compete for J. League themed items. Plus, simply by logging in during the event, you’ll receive special rewards like SSR Kazumasa Oda, SSR Takeshi Kishida, SSR Black Balls, and more.
The full schedule of events for the J. League collaboration is posted below. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is downloadable now on the App Store and Google Play.
J.League Collaboration Campaign

Players who were part of the J.League in the original Captain Tsubasa story will appear in...
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