Cancelled Shows (Possibly) Getting Surprise Renewals Years Later


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
The internet is kind of odd. So, has anyone ever seen a really great TV show that you fell in love with, but it got cancelled out of nowhere?

I read not too long ago that there have been recent talks to revive the La Femme Nikita franchise yet again, but nothing else has been said with regard to it. I still haven't seen the original French film, or the 90s series, but I got the American remake film, The Point of No Return & all four seasons of the 2010 reboot, Nikita, on DVD. The show was cancelled in 2013, but was given a six episode extension to finish it's story off, which it did prefectly well. Honestly, I still think it was the best TV series I've ever seen. Must've had a bigger underground following than I thought, too, because now all spy shows are trying to capture the same vibe that 2010 Nikita was giving off & tons of action films have similar hybrid fighting styles, like the one Maggie Q & the stunt team developed for that show. People are speculating that it might just be a continuation of the same story. I'll be all for it, so long as it's decent.

Another big one was Galavant. This one kind of slipped by about 5 years ago. It had two seasons on ABC, but only 8 episodes for season 1 & 10 for season 2. Plus, each season aired in it's entirety in January & never had any reruns on TV. There is now a DVD collection & it's on Netflix. This one did end on a cliffhanger, but a petition to bring it back for further seasons in being taken seriously by Netflix & the cast & some creators are in. Galavant was a musical sitcom about a knight who goes to rescue his one true love from a kidnapping king who wishes to marry her himself, only to find out that she's fine with the current situation. Years later, a Princess comes to him & his squire begging for help in overthrowing that same king, who has taken over her kingdom. The king was played by Timothy Omundson, or Lassie, from Psych. Despite the singing, the entire show was absolutely friggin hilarious. If you've never seen it, go do that.

Are there any others that you've heard of, or that you wish would? I know it's a bit too late, but I kind of wish we could get a real ending to Angel & a continuation or proper reboot of Legend of the Seeker, Revolution & Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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At the risk of showing my age, Farscape. I still remember watching the season four finale - which ends on a massive cliffhanger! - and then as the end credits played a continuity announcer awkwardly broke the news that the show had been cancelled by the American network so we'd never find out what happened next. Aaagh!

They did end up making "The Peacekeeper Wars," which depending on where in the world you lived was either three hour-long episodes, two 90 minute episodes, or a single three-hour movie, but it was a rushed effort to wrap up a lot of story lines that were clearly nowhere near finished.


Why is every good TV show Cancelled
I think Revolution wrapped up it's story in Comic Book form after it was cancelled. Was kind of rushed. It got a decent following
here after it was cancelled, though. Since it took place mostly in a post-modern Great Lakes region, I think everyone here felt really connected to the characters, as if they reminded them of people they knew. Surprisingly, that doesn't happen around here too often, & I live in an area that was part of the birth of cinema. Hell, Warner Brothers started their company in the area & I just found out that the original Night of the Living Dead takes place here.

Legend of the Seeker is an odd one, for me. I got into it when it was on (when I was in High School) & I liked it then. Then, I got into the books & I liked both. Then, I came back & rewatched the show a few years later & thought it was absolutely horrible by comparison & full of plotholes. Now, I'm just curious to see what they would've done with it if it had continued.

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