Cancelled Call of Duty Game Was Third-Person Shooter

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Cancelled Call of Duty Game Was Third-Person Shooter

Talking to Game Informer Sledgehammer co-studio head Glen Schofield revealed that the developer was working on a third-person shooter version of Call of Duty. According to Schofield the game was set in Vietnam and would have featured players having to adapt to the battlefield and overcome a number of obstacles.

Using experience from his working at...
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A third person call of duty? Wow that could have been new. I like third person shooters a lot more than FPS because most FPS gives me vertigo. Also, I think that third person opens a lot of gameplay options.

A third person Call if Duty could have probably been similar to SOCOM: US Navy Seals by Sony. In other words, it could have been great. I do hope they should continue this project in the future.

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