Can you draw anime?

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I love drawing. It's one of my hobbies. I started with stick drawing and evolved into something much more complex like copying anime. I love to draw anime. I'm a little bit rough around the edges but I still can draw. I primarily use pencils. Here's a sample of my drawing when I was still in college:

It's not really that great but hey, it's an improvement over my stick figures. :D
I think the file is corrupted, I can't see it. I used to draw primarily in an anime style when I was younger, and Dragon Ball Z was my religion. That was over a decade ago. I'd probably suck if I tried to draw like Toriyama now.


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I love looking at other people's art drawings. However, I am a terrible drawer myself but I hope to be a good drawer one day. I really need to learn how to draw body proportions and the anime eyes.


I like watching anime, I can appreciate the stories in manga, smooth animation, coloring, even experimental art styles that remain anime-like... and even Western cartoons take on quite a bit of influence from a distinctive Japanese anime style.

I guess that I can draw anime if I wanted to, but I try to make it as realistic as I can, and it's my failure at realism that creates my own cartoon style.


Oh. When you said 'draw anime' I thought if you were asking about whether it is possible to 'draw' entire episodes of anime. LOL.

But interestingly enough, that was how old timey anime were produced. I imagine it would be similar to how cartoon in the 60's were made. They drew scenes on each page and flipped through it really fast to make the characters move.

I loved drawing anime when I was in high school. But I've been drawing them less nowadays though. I guess I should pick up the hobby again sometime. :)


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I actually enrolled in traditional animation before but wasn't able to finish the course. I found that - if you want to get serious with animation as a job, it actually requires precision. The thickness or thinness of your lines have to be consistent all through out. Line quality is something that the teachers were very, very particular with. Signs of erasures or slightly crooked lines are not overlooked and tolerated when you've already reached the clean-up stage.
Studying animation, the whole process of creating one made me appreciate this "genre" even more. It just wasn't for me.